Frequently Asked Questions


Does my restaurant need extra insurance if we serve liquor?

Most General Liability policies have an exclusion for liquor related claims if the business is IN the business of selling, serving or manufacturing liquor. Let’s say that a customer had a few drinks at your establishment and as they were leaving, they pulled out in front of another vehicle causing a serious accident. The driver and their family saw them leave your restaurant and decided to include you in their lawsuit. Liquor Liability can protect you from 3rd party lawsuits for the risks associated with serving liquor according to Dram Shop Laws. 

Do I need special insurance because I am serving food?

You will want a General Liability policy that includes Products Liability. Your product is the food you are making. Let’s say a patron becomes ill after eating something you made. Even the most careful restaurant can accidentally service food that is contaminated or has spoiled.

What coverage is available if my restaurant suffers a fire and we have to close down while the building is being rebuilt?

Business Income coverage will help your business replace its lost net income during the period you are shut down after a covered cause of loss. Having the proper coverage in place can mean the difference between keeping you legacy alive or having to close your doors forever.


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