Frequently Asked Questions


When do I need a commercial auto policy?

Most personal auto insurance policies have exclusions in their policies if you are using a personal auto to deliver goods or if you are hired by the general public to transport them, think Uber & Lyft. There are also weight restrictions in most personal auto policies that will not cover a vehicle over a certain weight. If you use a personal vehicle for business, it is best to talk about it with a knowledgeable insurance agent so they can make sure you have the correct type of policy for the usage or your vehicle.

Is Commercial Auto different than Personal Auto Insurance?

Yes and no. Commercial Insurance provides for the same coverage as Personal  including Liability, Medical Payments, Comprehensive, Collision, & Uninsured Motorist but commercial auto also offers some additional coverage. You may need Non-Owned Auto coverage if you allow your employees to use their own vehicles on company business for you. You may Need Hired Auto Coverage if you rent or lease vehicles to use in the business.

Is Commercial Auto Insurance Tax Deductible?

Yes, generally speaking, the cost of your Commercial Auto Insurance is tax deductible as a business expense. If you are self-employed, you may be able to deduct it under Schedule C. It is best to consult with your tax professional on what options are available to you.

Is Commercial Auto Insurance more expensive than Personal Auto Insurance?

Not necessarily. The cost of insurance is based on the size of your business, the types of vehicles, your mileage radius, how you are using them (delivery vs service calls) and the amount of coverage you need. The size of your vehicle can also impact the rates so a private passenger vehicle is less expensive to insure than a heavy duty vehicle like a box truck or dump truck.


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