Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need more than the state minimum coverage?

 POSSIBLY. The state minimum [25/50/15] covers up to $25K for any one person's injuries and $50K total for all people if you cause an accident. With the cost of a hospital stay, surgeries, or physical therapy breaking everyone's bank these days, 25/50 is easy to surpass. Then, you'll have $15K for property damage, and considering that many vehicles on the road are worth much more than that, the state minimum may leave you on the hook for unpaid damages. Higher limits are available, and bumping up your coverage to just [50/100/50] or higher will put you in a much better position. If you have assets including an income that can be garnished, then you have a lot to lose and should consider higher coverage.

Does my auto insurance pay if someone else is driving my car? 

Generally speaking, if you permitted them to drive your car and weren't doing anything illegal. In most situations, the insurance follows the car, not the driver.

Does my vehicle affect my car insurance rates? 

Yes, your car's year, make, and model factor into your rate. The cost to insure a 2016 BMW is higher than it would be for a 2004 minivan.

What is gap insurance? 

Loan Gap coverage is for anyone who is either leasing a car or making payments to a lender. If the vehicle is totaled, gap insurance covers the difference from the loan payoff amount and what the car is worth.

What is an SR-22? 

An SR-22 is a certificate from your insurer filed with the state to confirm you have purchased liability insurance. A judge usually orders it after a driver gets a DUI or another type of serious offense and stays with the driver for around 3 years.

What's the difference between Bodily Injury coverage and Med Pay? 

The difference comes down to who's at fault and who's car you're in. Bodily Injury Liability covers you when you're at fault and pays for the injured person's medical bills and costs associated with the injury. Medical Payments go to you and those riding in your car, regardless of who's at fault. Med Pay can fill in to help meet your healthcare deductible, so be sure the amount you select is adequate.

Do I need special insurance if I drive for Uber, Lyft, or food delivery apps? 

Yes! It's called rideshare insurance. Since drivers should be covered by state-required insurance by the company they drive for from the time they accept a passenger or delivery job up until its complete, there is a vulnerable time while they are waiting for another new job that neither the driver's insurance nor the company would pay if there were an accident. Most companies can attach this extra coverage to the personal auto policy for a pretty low cost.

What is an insurance deductible? 

That portion of the loss that you agree to pay before the insurance company starts to pay. Once you exceed the deductible, the rest comes out of the insurance companies pockets up to the limits on your policy. The higher your deductible, the more savings you will realize.


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