Creekside FYI...
Vehicle Use Definitions:

Personal (to/from work or school) If you use your vehicle to travel to and from your work and/or school one or more days per week

Business (business errands, sales calls) If your vehicle (trailer not included) is used for one or all of the following:

  • Used to make sales calls,
  • Used as vehicle for business trips to bank or post office
  • Picking up supplies and going to different locations
  • Owned or leased by a partnership or corporation that have a business listed as an additional interest on the vehicle
Pleasure (recreational driving only) If no other primary uses listed here are applicable

Farming (agriculture, ranching) If your vehicle is used primarily on a farm, ranch or orchard

Long Term Storage (comprehensive) Vehicle is stored long term in a specific location and not driven; comprehensive coverage (fire, theft, vandalism) is the only coverage needed

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